Should children be taught life saving skills such as CPR in schools?

Should children be taught life saving skills such as CPR in schools? – 11th January 2019

Did you know that fewer than 1 in 10 people who have a cardiac arrest outside of hospital in the UK survive? This is a shockingly low number, so what can be done?

In Norway, life saving skills such as CPR have been taught for many years and their survival rates are as high as 1 in 4. Teaching children life saving skills as part of the school curriculum can help improve the UK’s survival rates, just look at Norway, the proof is there.

This month Education Secretary, Damien Hinds, confirmed that CPR will be added to the school curriculum in England. The new proposals will see first aid added to the curriculum as part of the Department for Educations plan to strengthen teaching of health, sex and relationships education in England from 2020.

I enjoyed school, I have friends and family who are teachers but when I think back to what I was taught and what I have applied in adult life a lot of the curriculum wasn’t relevant to me. I’m not saying it isn’t relevant, just not relevant for the path I have taken. First aid however can be applied, it doesn’t matter what path you take in life, first aid is always relevant. Its not just work, its at home, first aid is first aid whether you are at work or at home. I just wish I had been taught basic DIY!!

It was only after joining the RAF that I was taught first aid, yet as a child I recall occasions where first aid was required. Could I have helped, maybe, maybe not, but armed with experience and training doing something would have been better than doing nothing at all.

As well as adult and paediatric first aid courses, SHN Training Services Ltd offers first aid courses for children. I have children at home and I let them play with bandages and I teach them the basics. I remind them daddy is getting old so listen up!! Teaching children is great fun, they are amazed to find a manikin dressed as Spiderman though children have asked me some of the most difficult questions I have had to answer.

Should children be taught life saving skills such as CPR in schools? Absolutely! I look forward to seeing the impact.

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